Success will be realized through the implementation and adherence to the following:


Quality Product

Accuracy & Efficiency


Customer Satisfaction

Community Service


Fairness to Subcontractors

Commitment to Associations

We sincerely value our relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers. We believe trust and respect is a two-way street. We expect our subcontractors and suppliers to operate in a safe manner at all times, produce quality work, meet their schedule commitments, and honor their bids & contracts. In return, subcontractors and suppliers have the right to expect from Lomax a safe work environment, coherent project leadership, straightforward interactions, and prompt payment.

If you want information on how to get on our sub-list, please contact Maria Harvell at 336-992-7000 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Our Story

In July of 1996, John Lomax left his position at a respected North Carolina general contractor to form Lomax Construction, Inc. Shortly after, Travis Langley joined the pre-construction team and Richard Lewis joined the Project Management team to provide additional support to the company. We grew slowly but steadily, building a reputation for quality and integrity, and for the ability to deliver unique and complex building projects. Our clients know that our hands-on approach, level of focus and commitment will ensure success on their projects every time.

In 2017, J. J. Patterson left his position at one of the Piedmont Triad’s largest general contractor/design-build/Construction Management at Risk/Development firms to become Vice President of Business Development & Marketing.

Along with Travis, a 20-year Lomax associate and Vice President of Pre-construction Services, J. J. became partners in the company with a plan to expand its client base and focus more on design-build, construction management at risk (CM@R), and invited bid projects within the Healthcare, Education, Distribution/Warehouse, Commercial, and Industrial markets.

At Lomax, big company capability meets small company attention. We believe in empowering our front-line managers and superintendents to work hand in hand with Owners and Designers to make any decision necessary in the field. Our superintendents have a powerful and experienced team behind them to provide the support and guidance needed to proactively solve any issue that may arise.

We have an absolute minimum of management layers. Our ownership team stays very close to all Lomax projects. The basic Lomax project operating unit includes a project manager and superintendent, with ongoing oversight provided by one of Lomax’s Executives. Larger projects will necessarily have larger assigned staffs, but the basic lines of responsibility and communication remain the same. Below are some of the people who fill key leadership roles at Lomax.


John Lomax



JJ Patterson



Travis Langley



Sandy Maggard


Lets get started on a project !


Lump Sum Bidding

When we started business in 1996, most of our work came to us through lump sum bidding. As a new company with relatively few long-term relationships, we looked for opportunities to provide a bid to a prospective client. While it was usually our low bid price that gave us the opportunity to perform a project, it was our commitment to service and schedule that allowed us to develop lasting relationships. Today more than 75% of our work is obtained through means other than competitive bidding. But with our determination to keep our “hard bid edge,” we continue to seek bidding opportunities and welcome the chance to be on a select bid list for a good client.


In all of our negotiated general contract, design-build, and construction management projects, we strive to achieve a high level of teamwork with the Owner and design team. Many times, the client wants Lomax to be the primary point of contact on the project and control the entire process including the design. In those cases, we offer fully integrated design and construction services where we align ourselves with one or more of our strategic design partners to provide the client with a turn-key design-build solution. The Design-Build process lets us pick the right designer based on the project type, providing a “one-stop-shop” for the Owner.

Construction Management at Risk (CM@R)

Our approach to Construction Management is very similar to the Negotiated General Contract method outlined above. Other than the name, the buyer will notice very little difference between the two approaches.   Under this approach, Lomax fulfills the role of both Construction Manager and General Contractor so there is no duplication of oversight and associated fees.

Negotiated General Contract

The Negotiated General Contract offers the construction buyer several benefits not inherent to the competitive bidding process:

  • Buyer is working with their preferred general contractor.
  • Contractor provides valuable input (value engineering & constructability analysis) early in the design process to help ensure cost-effective design solutions to the client’s needs.
  • Detailed document review during design helps minimize changes after bids are taken.
  • Predetermined fee percentage and “open book” project accounting serve to align the interests of both the owner and contractor, while maintaining competitive bidding at the subcontractor and supplier level.
  • Potential for schedule acceleration (“fast-tracking”) through early ordering of long lead items, and development of early bid packages prior to overall completion of design.       A fast-track approach allows the project permitting to be phased to gain access early to the site with a grading permit, followed by footing & foundation permits, and finally with shell & upfit permits.


Lomax Construction’s headquarters is in Colfax, NC, less than 1 mile off I-40, right in the heart of the Triad. Our 12,000 SF building was constructed in 1999 and includes offices, conference rooms, a training room, a bid room, and a high bay warehouse which we use for equipment & tool storage/distribution, and for offsite fabrication to serve our projects.

Primary Market

The majority of our work is performed in central North Carolina. This includes the twelve (12) counties in the Piedmont Triad area as well as the Raleigh/Durham and Charlotte regions. We believe that general contracting is a very local business and there is no substitute for walking the site to make sure that our company standards are being met. Directing most of our focus to projects we can drive to in a reasonably short timeframe is one of the things that enables our senior management/ownership to maintain its hands-on attention with all of our projects.

Job Size

Lomax has built a strong reputation for completing very complex projects that range in size and value. Part of our business model is to keep our overhead as lean as possible, so we analyze each project to insure it’s a good fit for Lomax and that we have the adequate preconstruction and construction resources before we commit. As our client’s will tell you, if we take on your project, you are going to get our full attention. Large or small, we will perform…our reputation proves it!

Construction Management at Risk (CM@R)

Our approach to Construction Management is very similar to the Negotiated General Contract method outlined above. Other than the name, the buyer will notice very little difference between the two approaches.   Under this approach, Lomax fulfills the role of both Construction Manager and General Contractor so there is no duplication of oversight and associated fees.


The safety of our clients’ personnel, and those adjacent to our project site always comes first! We understand that our clients also take an interest in the safety of the construction workers. Our safety program will typically meet or exceed our clients’, but in the event that it doesn’t, we will work together to modify our program accordingly.

We understand that we “own” the safety responsibility for the project when we build it. Our commitment to worker safety permeates throughout our entire company, which allows Lomax to achieve safety statistics that are better than the norm of our peers. This translates into our Workers’ Compensation insurance rates being lower, which in turn reduces costs for our clients. Most important, we want our trade workers to go home to their families safely every night.

We take great pride in being honored by the N.C Department of Labor for our Safety Achievements.

Corporate Citizenship

We are a very client and project focused company. If it doesn’t help us build faster, more economically, or to a higher quality standard, then we aren’t too interested in spending a lot of time on it. Therefore, we rarely apply for awards. However, we have picked up a few awards along the way. Whether our client has another job down the road or not, we place no award above the loyalty we earn when we meet or exceed their expectations.


We take seriously our obligation to share our many blessings with those in need. We do a significant amount of work for non-profit organizations and try to support those who put their trust in us. But we don’t mix contributions and our services. This can present conflicts of interest and is usually not in the best interest of the client. We like to think that the best service we can provide for an institution is to deliver a quality building that will stand the test of time, for the lowest overall cost.

We also believe that charity should be its own reward. Therefore, the majority of our contributions are low profile and/or anonymous. We don’t look at charitable gifts as an opportunity for a press release. We just think it’s something we are called to do. So, if you are a non-profit institution and need a great building at the right price, you’d be in good company if you choose Lomax.

MBE / WBE Outreach

Since our founding, Lomax has always adhered to a strict non-discrimination policy. In our dealings with subcontractors and suppliers, we focus on the best value for the project without regard to race or gender. This means that we utilize minority and women owned business enterprises on our projects whether there are contracting goals or not. However, some organizations and public entities desire certain percentages of MBE/WBE firms. With our vast experience working in our market, Lomax has developed an excellent track record of meeting contracting percentage targets in a fair and straightforward manner.